More energy,
better results.

The Junea is the plug-and-play smart vending machine for every sports facility.

Junea. Make the difference.

Do you want to give your customers or guests some extra energy before they start their training? Or allow them to eat or drink something while recovering from a workout?

Now you can! The Junea is the only smart vending solution for snacks, food and drinks that is fully controlled by any smartphone.

A plug-and-play concept that can easily be added to your existing services, without complicated contracts or inconvenient service and maintenance setups. You can exploit the Junea commercially with our ‘As a business’ model. This way, you get to decide which products you want to offer at what price.

With the Junea, you can create an extra revenue source for your company and make a difference for your customers and guests. More energy, better results!

  • Perfect for every location
    From gyms to sport clubs. Thanks to its compact size and modern appearance, the Junea can be placed anywhere.
  • Selection of sports products
    Our nutrition experts offer a selection of products specially designed for athletes. From fruit-based snacks to protein bars.
  • Contact-free control
    The Junea is fully controlled with your smartphone. From purchases to its resupply: simple, quick, contact-free and without having to download an app!
  • Smart pricing
    You can exploit the Junea as a service or as an additional revenue source. You define the product prices and margins yourself.

You control the Junea
with your smartphone

First you scan the QR code with the camera on your smartphone. Then you choose a product. You check out your product contact-free using the iDEAL online payment system - no account required. Now it’s time to enjoy your snack or beverage!

The inventory management of the Junea is also handled via the smartphone. For example, the operator has a real-time view of the products currently in stock, and uses the app to refill the Junea.

Face masks, hand gels and more

Good employership starts with a safe working environment. So give your employees, clients and guests easy access to certified face masks, disinfectants, hand gels, vitamins and more.

The Junea provides a contact-free solution for all (mandatory) hygiene measures. You can choose to (temporarily) supplement your existing Junea product selection with hygiene products, or allow us to make an ideal selection for your location.

Watch the video for more information.

Rik de Vries

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Would you like to learn more about integrating Junea with your existing services? Or would you like to receive a free proposal tailored to your business? Please contact Rik de Vries, sales manager at Junea Nederland BV.

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