Smart pricing

The price per product defines who pays the monthly costs for the Junea.

Junea as a service

The Junea doesn’t have to cost your organization anything. You can choose to process the monthly costs in the average product price. We call this smart pricing.

If you purchase the Junea, the one-time investment is € 1,495.00. The monthly usage fee for the Junea is € 14.95 a month, which includes service, software and connectivity (the 4G subscription that connects the Junea to the Cloud). If you buy the Junea, we charge a one-time fee of € 150.00 for the delivery and installation.

You can also decide to rent the Junea. The costs are € 59.95 a month based on a 48-month rental period. Other rental durations are available on request. All other costs (installation + service, software and connectivity) are included in the rental price.

Do you want to recover your costs?

No, that's not necessary.

Do you believe your employees should pay the lowest price per product? Then you can take care of the expenses for purchase or rent, as well as the fixed monthly fees.

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€ 59.95 a month

Includes rent, service, software and connectivity.

Yes, I don't want any costs.

Don’t feel like having to pay anything for the Junea? Then you can recover the expenses for purchase or rent, and the fixed costs through the average product price. 

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Free Junea!

At 120 snacks, you earn back your monthly costs.

Try the Junea one month, for free!

Make the difference for your employees, customers or visitors by facilitating the best snacks, food and drinks. Apply for a proposal and try the Junea for 30 days, free of charge!

your company.

We believe that food and beverages are the foundation for a vital, energetic and happy life. And people perform better when they feel good. That’s why we facilitate the best snacks, food and drinks. For small and large organizations. 

With the Junea, you make a difference for your employees, clients and guests. Because from now on, anyone can get energized, relax or celebrate success at any time!

Rik de Vries

The Junea for extra revenue?

You have the opportunity to exploit the Junea commercially with our ‘As a business’ model. This way, you get to decide which products you want to offer at what price.

‘Junea as a business’ is a plug-and-play concept that can be easily added to your existing services. Without complicated contracts or inconvenient service and maintenance setups.

Please contact our sales manager Rik de Vries for more information.

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