to refill

We will automatically send you a new supply. And you can easily refill the machine yourself!

Innovative self service model

Thanks to our smart software, we can see which products are in short supply so we can automatically send a new supply to your organization. The operator of your Junea can easily and quickly refill the machine using our app. This is how it works:


Real-time supply updates

We keep an eye on the inventory status of your products and will send you an update before you run out.

Automatic restocking

We’ll send you a new supply automatically, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Easy and quick refill

Refill your Junea by using the app. Almost as easy as topping up the coffee beans!

Efficient and eco-friendly

Because the Junea is fully connected and uses smart software, new products only come when this is really necessary. This means you no longer have to have your inventory checked in the meantime. Not only is this more cost-efficient, but also better for the environment.

Would you rather have us refill your Junea for you? That’s possible too. For this we charge a small fee. That way, you can enjoy the best food and drinks, completely worry-free!

Make the difference.

We believe that food and beverages are the foundation for a vital, energetic and happy life. And people perform better when they feel good. That’s why we facilitate tasty and healthy snacks, food and drinks. For small and large organizations. 

With the Junea, you make a difference for your employees, clients and guests. Because from now on, anyone can get energized, relax or celebrate success at any time!

Refilled in
5 minutes

You can easily restock the Junea yourself. Simply select one or more people who will have access to the app.

Through the app, we guide them through the necessary steps, from unlocking the machine to refilling the products. 

It's done within just 5 minutes, and your employees can once again enjoy the best snacks, food and drinks!

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