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Our food and drink selections are made by nutrition experts and contain only the best and latest products.

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We believe that food and beverages are the foundation for a vital, energetic and happy life. That’s why our nutrition experts are constantly working to put together the best possible selection for your employees, clients and guests. 

Choose a Junea and discover our snack, food and drink selections.

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Healthy Selection

Go for responsible snacks that are surprisingly tasty. With sugar-free candy, fruit bars and low-fat potato chips, your employees will receive plenty of good energy without the extra calories.

Healthy & Hygiene Selection

In addition to tasty and responsible snacks, you give everyone access to (mandatory) hygiene products, for a safe and healthy working environment. This includes certified face masks, disinfectant, hand gel, vitamins and more!

Classic Selection

They aren’t called ‘classics’ for nothing: these snacks are the undisputed favorites to many. From chocolate bars to potato chips, from liquorice to delicious cakes. These are the tastiest snacks from the best brands in the world.

Mixed Selection

Why choose when you can have both? Get the best of both worlds by going for a combination of guilty pleasures and healthy snacks. This way, your employees can decide for themselves what they feel like having. 

Our selection
is always updated

The world of food and drinks is constantly changing. Our experts know the trends and work hard to stay ahead of nutritional innovations. So your employees, clients and guests can always choose from the best possible products. 

In addition, the smart software of the Junea learns from the purchasing behavior of its users. This way, we can tailor our selections perfectly to your organization!

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