Junea as a

Want to make commercial use of the Junea? You can! Via easy plug-and-play.

The Junea as a revenue source

You have the possibility to exploit the Junea commercially with our ‘As a business’ model. Plug-and-play, without complicated contracts or inconvenient service and maintenance setups.

Ideal for gyms, hotels, co-working spaces and retail locations. All you need is a place where people are present.

The overall differences

The Junea
As a service
As a business model
A one-month trial, without the monthly costs
A surcharge per product to earn back the Junea
Pick your selection
Automatic restocking
Have the refills provided by Junea
Real-time info about supply, income and costs
Define the price per product yourself
Select specific products
Extra supply on location
Withdraw your earnings at any moment
Rik de Vries

More information?

Would you like to learn more about ‘Junea as a business’? Or would you like to receive a free proposal tailored to your business? Please contact Rik de Vries, sales manager at Junea Nederland BV.

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