A safe and healthy

Create a safe and healthy work environment by giving everyone access to healthy snacks and hygiene products.

Healthy snacks & hygiene products

The Junea can be used for establishing a safe and healthy work environment in offices, showrooms or shops. You can (temporarily) supplement the Junea Snacks selection with proper hygiene products such as face masks, disinfectant, hand gel and more.

So give your employees, clients and guests easy access to essential hygiene products and the best healthy snacks. With the Junea, you can make their day a little safer, healthier and more fun.

We take care of the supply, service and maintenance of your Junea. And thanks to our smart pricing, the Junea doesn't have to cost you anything!

  • Perfect for every location
    From offices to cafeterias, from showrooms to entrance halls. Thanks to its compact size and modern appearance, the Junea can be placed anywhere.
  • Contact-free control
    The Junea is fully controlled with your smartphone. From purchases to its resupply: simple, quick, contact-free and without having to download an app. 
  • Snacks & hygiene products
    A responsible selection that combines healthy snacks and hygiene products. 
  • Smart pricing
    The Junea doesn’t have to cost you anything. With our smart pricing model, the Junea can simply pay for itself. 

Try the Junea one month, for free!

Would you like to facilitate healthy and hygiene products to your employees, clients and guests? Then apply for a free 30-day trial. The Junea doesn't have to cost you anything thanks to our smart pricing model!

You control the Junea
with your smartphone

First you scan the QR code with the camera on your smartphone. Then you choose a product. You check out your product contact-free using the iDEAL online payment system - no account required. Now it’s time to enjoy your snack or beverage!

The inventory management of the Junea is also handled via the smartphone. For example, the operator has a real-time view of the products currently in stock, and uses the app to refill the Junea.

Workspace of the future

Create the workspace of the future at your location. You operate the Junea completely contact-free with your smartphone. Safe, simple and fast. 

Watch the video to see how the Junea works!

Tell us about
your (work)place!

Do you work at a location that could use some extra energy- or relaxation moments? Where access to the tastiest snacks and the best food and drinks would be a valuable addition for you and your colleagues?

Then tell us! The great thing about our smart pricing is that the Junea doesn't have to cost your employer anything.

Want to know more about the Junea?

We’re happy to help! Please leave your contact details so we can tell you everything about the possibilities and benefits for your organization.

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Make the difference.

We believe that food and beverages are the foundation for a vital, energetic and happy life. And people perform better when they feel good. That’s why we facilitate tasty and healthy snacks, food and drinks. For small and large organizations. 

With the Junea, you make a difference for your employees, clients and guests. Because from now on, anyone can get energized, relax or celebrate success at any time!

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