Frequently asked questions

The Junea is a new and innovative product. We get that some of its functions require some more explanation. Here, you can find the most frequently asked questions.

Buying a product

How do I scan the QR code?
The QR code doesn't work. What now?
What are my payment options?
What is a wallet?
Can I order multiple products?
What is Tap & Go?

A Junea account

What are the advantages of a Junea account?
Is a Junea account always free
What happens to my personal data?
Where can I find the app?
How do I remove my account?
Can I have the credit in my Junea wallet returned?
Why do you need my date of birth?

The products in the Junea

Who decides which products are available in the Junea?
Where do you base your product selection on?
The product I want is gone. When will it be restocked?
I have an allergy / diet. Where can I find the ingredients of the products?

The Junea machine

White light is on. What does this mean?
Green light is on. What does this mean?
Blue light is on. What does this mean?
Red light is on. What does this mean?
My product isn't being issued. What now?

General questions

I want a Junea at my location. How do I manage this?
The price of a product in one Junea is different from that of another Junea. How is that possible?

Want to know more about the Junea?

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