Frequently asked questions

The Junea is a new and innovative product. We get that some of its functions require some more explanation. Here, you can find the most frequently asked questions.

Technical specifications

What are the installation requirements for the Junea?
What are the measurements of the Junea Snacks?
What is the weight of the Junea Snacks?
How many snacks can fit inside the machine?
How does the app work?
How does the QR code work?

Onze machines

What types of machines are there?
When is the Junea Drinks available?
When is the Junea Food available?
Do you also provide furniture bases for the Junea?

The food & drinkselections

What types of selections are there?
How are the selections made?
Can I sell my own products?
Are allergies taken into account?

Payment options

Can I give discounts to my employees?
Can I offer my products below their purchasing price?
What payment methods can I use?

Maintenance & restocking

How does my organization receive new products?
How to refill the machine?

Contract options

What is the duration of the rental agreement for the Junea?
What is the rental price for 3 or 4 years?
Can I buy the Junea after 3 years of renting?
How does the payback (price recovery) model of Junea Snacks as a service work?
Do I receive a discount when I order multiple Junea machines?
Does the rental price get indexed every year?

Want to know more about the Junea?

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